Which way to go

In today’s world we have so many paths we may take. It is often that we bring ourselves the most enjoyment when we set off on a journey and leave the map behind. We see sites and areas that we have never seen before, and this may be a great joy to us. However now that we have seen these great things we are more often than not, going to have to search for home. This can be a scary and sometimes daunting task. You make a turn to find a dead-end, you make another to find yourself going further away than before. It is something the we as humans have done since the beginning of time. The Bible tells us of many exemplary people who had a great direction in their life only to lose focus and find themselves searching for the right direction. Moses had direction he led God’s people out of Egypt, but lost his direction and disobeyed God. When David had direction he could slay the Giant and become a mighty leader, but when he lost direction he couldn’t overcome temptation of immorality. Peter walked with Jesus daily. He even walked on the water, until he lost his direction and began to sink. Praise God! Peter regained his direction and cried out Lord save me. Today we still need direction in our lives. Proverbs 3:6 tells us “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Without the direction from God the father, through the Holy Spirit we will be just as the examples above were.
Are you twisting and turning through life trying to find where you belong? Has he told you to stop but you said go? Has God said go but you said no? STOP! Take a moment to examine your life and ask yourself, am I really doing what the Lord wants me to do? We encourage you to seek God’s direction, go as the Lord guides you. Use your Bible as your roadmap and the path you travel will lead you home.