The Spirit hath Given Us

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind. (2 Timothy Ch1v7)

In the second letter written by the Apostle Paul to the young preacher Timothy we find the above text written. Paul was encouraging the young man of faith to hold true to God despite what may be happening around him. The first letter written to Timothy was full of things that all young Christians need to know.  Keeping faith, pray for everyone, what qualification church officers need, being faithful to your spiritual calling, how to treat church members and officers, and how a Christian should act in the world. Now we see a second letter to Timothy to reconfirming the being loyal to the Faith.

Some theologians believe this was because Timothy may have been growing weak or was perhaps his gentle spirit would be over taken by intimidation. Paul’s writing was written in love for his brother, and his words were of encouragement to a brother that was otherwise struggling in his walk.

How often do we find ourselves where Timothy was? We see the news that we should accept people with other beliefs that go directly against our faith in Christ. We see our coworkers trying to get us to go to a big event, and live as we did before we met Jesus.  It would seem that at every turn there is someone or some organization trying to force you to stray from your Christian walk. This sometimes can cause great fear in our lives. We would love to be bold in our faith and take a stand, but the fear of being bullied or intimidated by the people we see daily freezes us where we stand.  As the scripture says God did not give us the spirit of fear. Fear is not in God’s DNA. He is the creator, the all-knowing, ever present God. There is nothing that is within this world that he has not already seen, heard, and proven defeated. God provided the ultimate sacrifice by sending his son Jesus Christ to defeat death hell and the grave. Through death and resurrection of Christ he left us a comforter in the Holy Spirit. This Spirit is still with us today. From the day of Pentecost till this very moment the Spirit of God has roamed the world to convict the unrepentant. The Holy Spirit dwells within the believer and provides a direct line to God’s will in their lives. The Holy Spirit within a believer also becomes a source of wisdom and knowledge to live our lives by daily. With knowledge of God within you, love is abundant in your life. You will find love for people that you may not even know. Love is the base for the whole plan of God. I know there are many ways to look at the plan of salvation, but it all boils down to love. The Love of God that he sent his son to die on a tree, to cover our sins. Love that Christ was a willing sacrifice, even counting it a joy to go to the cross. The love to lay down your life for your brethren is a perfect love, and when this love is within you, you will have a sound mind. The peace of mind leaves you to worry not of the things of this world, but your thoughts upon heavenly things. I know we all have trials and troubles in our earthly life, but when we have a clear mind to wait upon God the flood in our lives will soon be over. We need to nurture the Holy Spirit in our lives to ensure that we are sensitive to God.

Have you made peace with God and found the Holy Spirit guiding you? Are you heeding to the Spirit’s guiding in your life?

Are you living life with a sound mind?

If you are struggling in your Christian walk perhaps you need to pray that the Spirit settle in and guide you along the way.

Perhaps you are at odds with a brother or sister, how would Jesus have handled that situation?

Does your walk show the power of your relationship with God?

Seek him, understand his love is all encompassing, and know that he has left us a comforter to help us through this life.