I Know Whom I Believe

We are hearing Pastor Kevin preach a great message on WXIC he called I know Whom I Believe. In getting the Thought of the Week together the natural question to ask is who is Christ? Christians will most often refer to him as their Savior, and that is true. This week’s thought of the Week focuses on other great descriptions of who Christ is. We are going through the alphabet A through Z to give a better description of Christ Jesus.

I know Christ as:
  • A- The Almighty, The Advocate, The Anointed
  • B- Beloved, the Begotten,
  • C- The Christ, The Carpenter
  • D- The Deliver,
  • E- Emanuel
  • F- Faithful, Friend
  • G- Our God, who is Great, & Good
  • H- Healer, The Head
  • I- Our Intercessor, The I AM
  • J- Judge, Jury, & Justice
  • K- King, Kind
  • L- Lord, The Lamb of God
  • M- Master of Magnificent, Mighty, Miracle Worker, Meek & Mild
  • N- The Nazarene
  • O- Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscience, The One
  • P- Preeminent, Prince of Peace, Promisor & Provider of Power
  • Q- Quencher of thirst & Quencher of hunger
  • R- The Redeemer, The Reconciler, The Restorer
  • S- Savior, because He is Sinless
  • T- The Truth
  • U- Unifier of the Brethren
  • V- The Lilly of the Valleys
  • W- Wonderful
  • X- Xcellent
  • Y- Yahweh Everlasting to Everlasting
  • Z- From A to Z He is everything in between and all we’ll ever need!!!!!
Wow what a list! These are simply a few descriptive titles for Jesus. He is truly the living God.
Do you know Jesus as your personal Savior?
Have you been declared as his own?
If not, why not make him your personal savior today?
He is waiting to hear from you today.