We realize that God will always provide a way for his people. When this ministry began we were unsure where funding would come from to get us going, but through the help of folks like you we are able to bring you this website, and radio programs. We have been praying for an option that would allow you to help us spread the message of Jesus Christ, without begging or taking time from the radio programs to do it. We are thankful for those that have to give financially as well as those that support us through prayer and sharing us with those who need to hear the gospel. We came to this idea with much hand wringing, council, and pray. We place this donation link below for online donations, or you may send your donation to :
Kevin Greene Ministries

105 Rapp Montgomery Road
Lucasville Ohio 45648.

We ask you to pray about your donation and ask that you give as the spirit leads you. As always we hope that this ministry is a blessing in your life today.